Magic Faucet

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important means to avoid getting sick and transferring bacteria to others. However, due to the invisibility of bacteria by naked eyes, most people coarsely wash their hands and hardly realize how dirty their hands are. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average time people washing their hands is only 6 seconds, far less than 15-30s, recommended by CDC. With such a short time, only about 25% germs on hands can be cleaned, millions of bacterium will remain on our hands, not only exerting an adverse effect on our health like causing diseases, but also spreading to others.

To tackle this issue, we designed the Magic Faucet, which emits excitation light with special wavelengths that can illuminate bacteria and make them glow. The glow from bacteria is acquired and analyzed by the faucet to alert us the quantity and species of bacteria on our hands. Therefore, we can know how bacteria are distributed at our hands and whether we have washed our hands clean enough. With this faucet, people can maintain hand hygiene and form a good hand-washing habit, eventually reducing the spread of diseases.

  • Memebers: Junnan Yu, Xuna Ma, Ting Han
  • Keywords: faucet, excitation light, hand hygiene
  • Patent:
    Junnan Yu, Xuna Ma and Ting Han, “A faucet with bacteria scanning function”, Chinese Patent, February, 2016: # CN105715842A.