Hakka-style Electric Heater

The Hakka-style Electric Heater is inspired by the traditional Hakka Huolong (火笼) which was widely used in southern areas in China to keep hands and body warm in winter time for centuries. Traditionally, the heat of a Hakka Huolong is generated through burning charcoals. In this innovative design, the heating source is replaced by an electric heater while the exterior bamboo weave is preserved and redesigned to provide a natural texture and elegant style. This new Hakka-style heater design not only respects Hakka people's long-time living tradition but also provides a lightweight, portable heating solution.

  • Memebers: Junnan Yu
  • Keywords: Bathroom vanity, Zen, classical
  • Awards:
    Winner of the Innovative Electric Heater Design Competition, Chinese Industrial Design Association (Top 10 out of ~1500 pieces of work), 2012