Redesigning The Bipolar Diathermy Forceps

This project focused on the redesign and redevelopment of an electrosurgical clinical instrument known as Bipolar Diathermy Forceps. Survey results revealed that the key problems include fatigue of the hand and wrist after long periods of use, and frequent misalignment of forceps tips. Targeting at these problems, we designed two user-centered products.

Our first design is a pair of forceps in which there is a rotatable tip, as well as a spring activated guide in the middle to increase tactile feedback and prevent misalignment. Previously, there was a need for doctors to change forceps during the surgery to suit special surgery needs. With the adjustable front tip, he/she is able to control the angle of the tip at any time during the operation. This feature aims to reduce the hassle of changing forceps.

The second design is a pair of forceps in which the shape, the method of holding differs greatly from the original. It was aimed to reduce strain on the wrist of users. The main reason behind twisting the front part of the forceps was to allow surgeons to use the forceps at a comfortable angle, and at the same time, keep the surgical field unobstructed.

  • Memebers: Weijie(Bryan) ONG, Huishan(Joanne) TAN, Junnan Yu, Jinghua Huang
  • Keywords: diathermy forceps, ergonimics